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Name : Jeff Carlisle-Dodd Date: 12/04/19
Fantastic photographic history of a wonderful selection of vehicles that have been through your workshop Bob!

Name : Paul Mazey Date: 02/04/19
Great site lots of work done on this site

Name : Bob Hale Date: 21/02/18
My brother Raymond Died on the 30thAugustR.I.P Miss You so Much

Name : Tis :o) Date: 13/03/17
Loved all the pictures! :o)

Name : Bob Date: 05/02/17
My Birthday was on the 1st Feb I dont Think I will be doing anymore big jobs Getting Harder to get under the old motors now that i have reached 70

Name : Rhian Date: 05/08/16
Tip-Top Bob!!! Lovely photos...beautiful Cars. \r\n\r\nXx

Name : BobHale Date: 12/05/16
Thanks To my TOP MAN Owen

Name : Richard Date: 02/02/12
Keep up the good work!!

Name : Alan Sands Date: 26/04/10
Nice Car. Awesome. I love cars from the 30´s. What a very classy classic.

Name : Steve Date: 02/11/09
Loved these old classics, the Sumbeam looks an absolute peach but my favorite is the old Merc bus. Great stuff.

Name : Keith McLean Date: 13/07/08
You have certainly made the best use of your web site, Well done

Name : dazzle Date: 30/06/08
good photos of audrey!

Name : Keith McLean Date: 14/12/07
If you find another one let me know it would be nice to dream

Name : Ken Neill Date: 16/11/07
Wonderful Site. 31 Auburn is my favorite car of all times.

Name : jason Date: 07/05/07
Hello dad

Name : kathrynann lamb Date: 04/04/07
good pictures thought you would have had one of me at the wedding ha ha ha ha

Name : Lee Date: 15/03/07
Nice Auburn...I won´t trust that petro, it might be a bit old...Lee

Name : Mike Date: 13/12/06
Most impressed. Glad to see you´ve added the Ford V8 Pilate. The Auburn certainly has ´presence´.

Name : lloyd Date: 15/02/05
Nice Car

Name : Owen Date: 22/10/87
Oooh Lovely Site


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